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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my latest creation.

Rollow is one of the first split keyboards with dedicated thumb encoders... It's inspired by the ergonomics of a Ferris and the elegance of a Corne. While also influenced by my passion for the automotive customization scene.

This passion is represented in the small details like…
A base plate designed with hot-swap socket cutouts, allowing sockets to fit within the plate making Rollow one of the lowest sitting hot-swappable split keyboards (Excluding Mini Version).
Custom Inset OLED covers add additional protection to your OLEDs, while maintaining a balanced, sleek, and flush appearance to your board.
Gasket-like sound dampening layer to minimize unwanted rattles and noise.

Group Buy Ends March 11th

Here is a full list of features packed into Rollow 😁
• Dual thumb encoders (Clickable)
• Hotswap Socket Support (3x6 & 3x5) or Minis PG1232 support (Mini)
• Backplate with Hotswap Socket Cutouts (3x6 & 3x5) or Eva Non-Slip Foam (Mini)
• Gasket-Like Sound Dampening Layer
• Oled Support
• Custom Inset Oled Covers
• Choc spaced
• Power Switch Support (MSK12C01)
• External Battery Solder Pads
• Both QMK and ZMK support
*Mini is a 3x6 board that can be snaped into 3x5*

Kit Selection
• Full Kit: All the parts necessary to build a complete Rollow Board (Seen in the promo video... Excluding keycaps, switches, microcontrollers, Trrs cable, and battery). Including everything in the partial (half) kit plus...
- Top Plate(Exc. Mini)
- Hotswap Cutout bottom plate (Exc. Mini)
- Custom Inset OLED Covers
- Gasket Layer (Exc. Mini)
- Low-Pro stand offs (Exc. Mini)
- Non-Slip Feet (Eva Foam for mini)
• Partial (Half) Kit: The bare minimum to get Rollow working. Comes with...
- Encoder
- Trrs
- Diodes
- Reset Button
- Power Switch
- Hotswap Socket

I’m also offering a full assembly service for those who don’t want to solder and build Rollow from scratch. I'm charging a flat rate of $95 for labor, you'll have your choice of keycaps, switches, and Microcontroller (at your cost including product, tax, and shipping), and a complete plug-n-play board will be shipped straight to your door!

MOST IMPORTANTLY - 10% of all proceeds go to a charity

If you have any questions reach out to
Email: [email protected]
Discord: gb-rollow channel within Low Profile Keyboard server (

Let's Roll Low Together!

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