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Oil Slick [MBK]

$5.00 - $35.00 - Sold out

Image of Oil Slick [MBK] Image of Oil Slick [MBK] Image of Oil Slick [MBK] Image of Oil Slick [MBK] Image of Oil Slick [MBK]

Have you ever caught a quick glimpse at oil shimmering in its glory on a hot asphalt day... Hoping that oil didn't seep out your car.

Well, now you can have that same dope look with half the anxiety while all being Right..Under..Your..Fingertip (Pauses for exaggeration)

There are two options to choose from...

Premium - The premium package straight from the dealer. Boasting a stylish and elegant design embodied by the saught after MBK profile. If you're looking for top of the options you can look no further, cause this literally is the only top-of-the-line option.

Base - This is the base package, made to be stylish on a low budget. Aye, I love me some style on a low budget😉. This option keeps the same colorway, without the embossed shape of the Premium option.

No less than 10% of proceeds go to charity! (Why "no less" sometimes I feel VERY generous)